Request a Custom Designed T-shirt

When you are looking for a company to bring your custom t-shirt designs to life, look no further than Southern Belle Originals. A local boutique, we have the materials, state-of-the-art machinery, and experience to create even the most detailed of t-shirt designs a reality. Have questions about our custom t-shirts? Give us a call at 662-637-2264 or shoot us an email at

Below is a gallery of some of the custom designs we've done in the past. We do our best to provide an original design for each of our customers.
Please email any requests for custom designs to

Please include the following:
Organization Name (if Applicable)
• Your Name • Phone Number • Date You Will Need the Shirts
• Shirt Color • Ink Colors (Up to 4 and One must be white)
What You Would Like on the Back • What You would Like on the Front
Attach Any Pictures You May Have that show what you are looking to get done